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Lewis Lé Val Discusses Divination

Lé Val is one of our artisans, creating amazing jewellery with a mystical edge. As an experienced tarot reader, Lé Val discusses his favourite tarot deck and his thoughts on the Divination Tools project. 


Check out the necklace worn in this video here. Hand made by Lé Val, each piece is unique and beautifully made.

We Are Live!

Welcome to Divination Tools!

We are a boutique store for modern mystics and esoteric explorers; supplying you with the arcane apparatus you require for connecting with your spiritual side.

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The Neo-Mystic Movement

Ancient traditions, esoteric knowledge and mystical rituals have been passed down through the ages; evolving over time. 

Enter the neo-mystic.

The metaphysical adventurer, the esoteric explorer, the most contemporary of mystics. Hungry for knowledge, thirsting for adventure; allowing their inner light to shine through while carving their own path with real magick and subconscious cognition as their guides.

At Divination Tools, we've managed to craft some amazing relationships with mystical artisans around the world who are fusing fashion with functionality. Their foundations in modernising archaic artistry allow them to create beautiful and perfectly balanced items for people like You and I. 

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